UW Gymnastics Club

Women's Team Roster

Lisa Beronnes
Lauren Chetel (Club Treasurer)
Jadah Clayton
Melissa Dabel (Club Secretary)
Anna Hassell
Allison Josefowitz
Melissa Michaelis
Erin Spitzer

Directions to the Gym by Bus:

Catch bus 3 (to the East Transfer PT)
@ Park and Johnson (right outside of Sellery)
@ 5:05pm

Bus 3 will arrive at the East Tranfer at about

Catch bus 30 (to East Towne Mall)
@ the East Transfer Pt
@ 5:45pm

After Bus 30 passes between Wal-mart and
Cub Foods (around 5:50pm), the next stop is
where you get off. The stop is at the corner of Nakoosa Trail and Walsh Rd.
Walsh Rd. goes up a hill. Walk up the hill, and half-way up is All-Star Gymnastics.

Our address is:
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808 Walsh Road
Madison, WI 53703
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